“The installation of the 2 PAKSMART® machines has replaced 5 manual production lines. The equipment is very well designed and just so so so reliable.

Should you have customers who would like to discuss your equipment with us we would be very happy to do so.”

Clorox New Zealand Limited


“…Since installing the Paksmart PC40 boxer machine in 2001, we have been able to manage our operations more efficiently by reducing labour costs & increasing product output.

Paksmart Machinery has provided us with immediate assistance, flexible service and speedy supply, helping us maintain our budget expenditure…

I would strongly recommend Paksmart Machinery to any company looking for a quality focused company producing high standard quality machinery.”

Swedish Match Australia


 “After thorough research for new carton erecting machines, the Paksmart PC40 horizontal loading carton erector was identified by Madura Tea Estates to be the best value for money machine available, in economically priced automatic packaging machinery.

Two PC40’s were built to order with specific modifications to suit our requirements.

Husband and wife team Rodney and Kathy, have been a pleasure to deal with and have provided good after sales support.

Madura Tea estates would recommend any customer to give Paksmart the opportunity to demonstrate how they could assist in any packaging needs.”

 Madura Tea Estates


 “… thank you for your efforts in building a first-rate machine and setting it up on our difficult product.”

 Corvina Foods

We asked a customer of ours about their experience with our PC40 Carton Sealer, and this is what they had to say.

Before you started working with PAKSMART Machinery, what concerns might have prevented you from buying this product?

Efficiency & flexibility of packing our range “

After you started working with the PC40, did anything surprise you? What has pleased you the most about my product?

After market support has been fantastic regarding the issues we have come across”

Would you recommend the PAKSMART PC40, and if so, why?

“Yes. Service, back up support and machine flexibility”

Temptation Bakeries