Pick & Place 2D Feeder (Inserter)

Pick & Place 2D Feeder (Inserter)

The PAKSMARTĀ® PF300 is a rotary pick and place feeder with speeds of up to 300 units per minute.

The PF300 is well suited to 2D style products such as soup sachets, flavour sachets, desiccants, oxygen scavengers and other bulky flat products. The PF300 compliments the PF400 by handling products with uneven shapes, edges and sticky or keyed together products that the PF400 would not be suited to.

Product is loaded into the easily adjusted magazine. The close fitting walls and back support steady the product for good sided to side registration. The precision AC Vector Drive controls the linear registration for fine control of the most demanding application.

From the magazine the product is fed from the front using vacuum and silicone based cups. The magazine tabs hold the sheets or sachets back. The magazine is power fed using O-ring belts to drive the product up to the vacuum cups on the rotary pick and place mechanism.

The vacuum flow to the vacuum cups is controlled via a static and rotary manifold.

Customers choose the PF300

  • Ability to feed difficult or uneven product.
  • Australian made using locally available components
  • High performance speed and placement
  • Generous size range from a business cards to A4 magazines
  • Powered magazine 1 to 2m in length to reduce operator attendance to restock


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