High Speed End Load Cartoner (to 120cpm)

High Speed End Load Cartoner (to 120cpm)

The PAKSMART® PC120 Carton System is an automatic packaging machine with speeds of up to 120 cartons per minute is suitable for 24 hour operation with its servo motor drives for increase machine reliability through reduction of wearing components.

This system is fully guarded to Australian Standards for operator safety.

Using our high-speed cartoner increases productivity by helping your business achieve your daily quota of precisely packed products. The heavy-duty materials and beneficial features of the PC120 provide your business with an automatic packaging machine that has a long service life.

What is it for:

The PC120 has the ability to run as both intermittent motion or continuous motion operation with the ability to cycle stop without failure to seal and erect cartons. This feature  across the PC range of carton systems saves time and product waste on machine restart.

The high speed cartooning machine has a powered magazine for extended running time between operator attendance to restock.

It also has assisted and automated size change features for fast carton changeover.

Why our customers choose the PC120

  • Powered magazine 1.2m in length reduces operator attendance to restock
  • Rapid Accurate Size Change – A must have feature for the modern production environment
  • Perfect for high volume production lines running over 100 cartons per minute
  • Reduction of labour cost through increased automation
  • Quality cost effective spare parts
  • State of the art controls allow for a simple design approach making the PC40 easy to use
  • Troubleshooting systems built in
  • Easy size changes via calibrated hand crank adjustors
  • 120 Cartons per minute
high-speed cartoner
high-speed carton system

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