PAKSMART PC40SR Shelf Ready Case Machine

Shelf Ready Cartoner

If your business focuses on selling products that need shelf ready packaging, we have a packaging machine made for you. PakSmart offers a case packer machine that consistently produces superior shelf-ready packaging for businesses that sell ready-to-display products. Using the PC40SR provides businesses with fast production of their self-ready packaging.

What is it for: Shelf Ready Packaging

Shelf-ready packaging (SRP), also known as retail-ready packaging (RRP) refers to refers to the packing of products so that they are delivered in a ready-to-display merchandising unit. Products which come in SRP can be placed on the shelf without the need for unpacking or repacking.

Shelf Ready Packaging machines allow for more efficient replenishment at store level, which improves overall product availability and thereby results in greater product sales. Not only does SRP help businesses improve their sales, but it also provides businesses with more opportunities to display their products in a strategic manner. This allows businesses to make their products more noticeable in their store. Overall, using SRP leaves a smaller environmental footprint since corrugated cardboard is easily recyclable.

corrugated shelf ready carton     fibreboard shelf ready carton

Our Solution: PAKSMART  PC40SR Case Machine – Automatic Load  Shelf Ready Case Machine

Speed: Up to 25 cases per minute

Board grade: Flute Corrugated Board – F Flute. N Flute, R Flute and Folding Carton Board


How It Works:


Key features of the PC40SR:

  • Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP) allows for more efficient replenishment at store level, contributing to improved product availability and thereby greater product sales. This style of packaging is being driven by the supermarkets.
  • Easier product loading so the operator is not constantly chasing a moving product bucket or carton. The shelf ready packaging machine delivers an empty case or infeed bucket in the same location ready for loading
  • Easier size changing using computer adjustable flights and easy to use hand crank adjustments. This allows the machine to reach full production level in  less than 15 minutes for 3 dimensional size change.
  • Compact space saving design 6 m2
  • State of the art controls allow for a simple design approach making the PC40SR easy to use.
  • Built in troubleshooting systems
  • Top to bottom guard doors allow easy access for cleaning, maintenance and carton or product size changes
  • 25 Cases per minute production speed


srp case packing equipment plan

Operation Process (How does it work?):

PAKSMART ® PC40SR- Automatic load shelf ready case/carton packer machine uses a hot melt glue closure system and has the ability to run at up to 25 outer cases per minute.

Following the up-stream product production, the process is to hand place the product into the PC40 AL infeed bucket conveyor belt. You can choose to upgrade this to one of our automatic product transfers now or at a later date.

The system works to erect the case or carton and load collations of product. It then closes and seals the case or carton prior to discharging it from the machine.

The operator’s function is kept to a minimum as the system will cycle on a timer, presenting empty buckets to the operator or in some cases, multiple operators (for higher speed requirements).

  1. The operator will hand place the product into the bucket infeed.  (Optional upgrade is available to one of our automatic product transfers).
  2. Once the product has been placed into the infeed bucket, the case packer machine will index on a time cycle presenting an empty bucket to the operator. The product will index one station at a time until they arrive at the load station where the waiting open case will receive the product via the action of the load ram.
  3. The loaded case will then index one station towards the final closing stations of the case machine. A newly erected case will be presented to the load station ready for the arrival of the collation of product.

PakSmart Machinery manufactures high-quality case packing equipment that produces the finest shelf ready packaging products. Our goal is to provide businesses with the most suitable packaging solutions for them to provide their customers with accurately packaged products.

For more information on our packing equipment, call +61 2 9630 9464 or fill out our contact form.

PC40SR case packer machine

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