Ease of operation

rapid and accurate machine size changes
  • Colour Touch Screen press “Recipe Select” load one of the memorised products.
    • The new loaded recipe will set:
      • production speed
      • Glue pattern (skip patterns for glue saving or easy open cartons, full bead glue pattern for maximum holding strength)
      • Machine internal cam settings to control all functions of the machine for optimising machine performance.
      • The “Recipe Check” mechanical settings to be completed by the operator.
      • Once the machine is started the servo driven carton flights will rehome and adjust to the new carton size.
  • From the “Main Page” Press “Recipe Check” and follow the numbered prompts to set the machines numbered adjustments to each of the scaled adjustments.
  • Depth adjustment hand crank with digital readout calibrated to carton depth in mm.
  • Carton Over Head rails hand crank adjustable with digital readouts calibrated to the carton open width in mm.
  • Glue gun height hand crank adjustment with digital readout scaled in mm from bed only adjusted for economy and easy open carton designs.