Carton Packaging Material

How End Load Cartoners Add Value to Your Business

Carton sealing usually comes last in many production cycles but is in no way the least important. Well-sealed packaging not only provides physical protection for products during delivery and storage, it also indicates the level of stringent care implemented in the production process.

If your business needs a quick, efficient and high-quality carton sealing solution, PAKSMART has the answer.


Our PC40 Carton System is an End Load Cartoner designed to seal and load up to 40 cartons per minute. Available in hand load or automatic load, PC40 is a machine that can suit a wide range of applications depending on your business requirements. Its automatic carton packing features enhance packaging processes for quick and reliable sealing procedures.


PAKSMART takes equipment engineering seriously. Each machine has specific functions and features that enhance your overall business operations. Here are some of the advantages of a PC40 system:


PAKSMART’s PC40 Carton System is an economical tool that increases productivity and reduces labour costs. What a single employee can do in minutes, a PC40 machine can do in just one. It also helps conserve energy for businesses that have 24-hour operations.


Using glue and staples in your packaging can damage both the box and the product. The PC40 system gives you a neater way to seal your boxes. Consistency is a key feature of the system, ensuring a clean and presentable sealing job.


At PAKSMART, we supply durable machines that require minimal maintenance. The system aims to help businesses minimise disruptions and costly machine repairs.

Space-Saving Design

With a PC40 system, you get the capabilities of state-of-the-art equipment that does not take up much space in your facility. Instead of working on several tables for your sealing requirements, you can load all your cartons into the machine in an organised manner.


Our PC40 machines can accommodate a wide range of carton shapes and sizes. All you have to do is tweak the system beforehand according to your requirements.

Safety and Comfort for the User

Our packaging systems are designed with the user in mind. The PC40 has a robust frame and easy access to all moving parts, making the machines safe to use and clean. Our systems are also fully compliant with Australian Standards for operator safety.

Straightforward Process

The PC40 is a straightforward system. Once the machine is connected to a power source, the user can immediately begin sealing cartons.

Reduced Waste

Manual sealing often leads to an unnecessary surplus of tape waste. With PAKSMART® PC40, you create less rubbish while assured that your packages are excellently sealed.


PAKSMART is an Australian manufacturer and supplier of well-designed, robust and durable equipment that improves the automation of packaging processes. We have an enduring commitment to the creation of machinery that increases productivity, meets individual requirements and simplifies operations for packaging businesses. With over 18 years in the industry, PAKSMART continues to serve Australian food, pharmaceutical and contract packaging partners.

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