Fonterra Butter Carton 639x300 blog

Case Study – Soft Dairy (FONTERRA)

Product: PAKSMART PC40AL Cartoner

Industry: Dairy

Business Needs: Ease of Use, Reliability, Safety, Size.

Reliability was required to ensure production rates of 25 cartons per minute were met in a consistent manner.

Ease of Use is important so operators can easily interact with the system to load cartons. It was important that there be as little operator contact as possible to save labour costs.

Safety: carton machines have many moving parts that are potential hazards. Also, hot-melt glueguns can be dangerously hot. It is vital that machinery is guarded to Australian standards.

Size: As with many companies, floor space is at a premium. It was important that any solution took this into account.


A PC40 was chosen as it is the workhorse of the PAKSMART range of cartoners. With over 40 in the field, they have a proven track record of reliable service over an extended period of time.

The standard infeed was replaced with a custom designed collation system to collect, flip & stack blocks of butter for insertion into a carton.

Fonterra selected other options that would make the PC40 even easier to use than the base model. This included hand-crank adjustments to make size changing simpler. A keypad helps both with size changing and troubleshooting.

Whilst very few problems are anticipated, it is good to know PAKSMART is contactable during business hours. With head office in Sydney PAKSMART is in a position to offer great service Australia wide. As all parts are sourced in Australia, long waits for spare parts can be a thing of the past.

Like all PAKSMART cartoners, this PC40 is safety guarded to Australian standards

The footprint of the PC40AL, even when specially modified for this application, is compact at <4m2 which was comfortably within the space allocation.

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