PAKSMART PC40 Size Change Now Faster

NEW! PAKSMART PC40 Coffee Capsules Collating and Cartoning System

  • 300 capsules/min
  • Single AND DOUBLE wide packs
  • NO tray required
  • Fully automatic operation
  • <10 minutes to size change

Coffee Cap Collator & Delivery Conveyors take the Coffee Caps from two separate lanes and transfers five caps from each lane to form the collation for a ten pack. Multi piece loading feature reduces packaging cost with NO tray required. Teamed with the PAKSMART PC40 Automatic load carton system to erect cartons, load collations of Coffee Caps, close and seal the carton prior to discharging from the machine. Production speed is 30 cartons per minute.

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PakSmart PC 40

PakSmart PC40