production line

Precious Seconds: Remove Time-Wasting Segments from Your Production Line

In manufacturing, fulfilling output targets on time if not ahead of schedule is crucial. As head of production, you want to make sure that your processes are efficient and that no time or resources go to waste. To put things into perspective, consider this: A 5-second delay doesn’t seem like much, but if it recurs 500 times within the day, that’s equivalent to over almost 42 minutes of production time wasted.

It’s things like this that call for a regular evaluation of production processes. While targeting perfection is a tall order, holding your company to a high standard will improve the quality of your products or services. That is what we aim to help you with at Paksmart.

Fulfil the Demands of Your Expanding Business

Whether your manufacturing company is just starting out or already working to fulfil increasing customer demands, three important requirements remain: speed, accuracy, and consistency. Remove or diminish any of these three, and you’ll be dealing with underproduction, delays in delivery, and QA issues.

The key, then, is to identify time-wasting segments of your production lines and to improve the process to cut the delays. It may have to adjust to your staffing, but the result will be worth it.

Integrate Machinery to Boost Employee and Production Efficiency

One way to achieve efficiency is to integrate machinery in areas where they can make the significant improvements. For instance, in a packing line, a mechanized carton erector will be more efficient than an employee who must manually assemble cartons to pack the finished product. Instead of focusing on a single packing line, this employee can now oversee multiple carton erectors. In this scenario, the company saves time and labour cost.

Integrating machines into your production line will enable you to advance your employees from labour-intensive to supervisory positions. If you see the potential of this set-up in your own production line, Paksmart can help you adopt it. Contact us today and let’s discuss your options.