Murray Goulburn PF400 Leaflet application 639x300 blog

Case Study – Dairy

Product: PAKSMART PF400 Feeder and Stand

Industry: Dairy

Business Needs: Ease of Use, Reliability, Safety

Reliability was required to ensure production rates of 170 cans per minute were met in a consistent manner for both sized cans.

Ease of Use is important so operators can easily interact with the system to load leaflets and for size-changing.

Safety: hot-melt glueguns can be dangerously hot. Also, heavy cans potentially create catch points with the machinery. It was important to guard out hazards.


The cans travel down the customer’s conveyor and under a tunnel guard. A laser sensor detects the can’s leading edge. This triggers the glue gun to apply peelable glue. The cans trigger a second laser sensor which has the PF400 apply a leaflet on top of the glue.

Size changing the PF400 requires no tools. It can be accomplished in a matter of minutes.

The welded stainless steel frame incorporates a pivot to allow for multiple sizes. The potentially hazardous parts are easily accessed via an interlocked guard door which shuts down the machine when opened.

The moving part of the frame is raised and lowered via a hydraulic jack. This is very simple and ensures enough mechanical advantage that there is no lifting on the part of the operator.

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